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LTS is a leading provider of highly specialized, hard-to-find professionals within the E-Discovery, Litigation Support, Digital Forensic, and Cyber Security industries. We are educated career counselors at the forefront of the Digital Revolution. Our dedicated focus and in-depth market intelligence enables us to meet the security and compliance-based needs of our clients while furthering careers and building life-long relationships. Maintaining an insider's perspective is what sets us apart from our competition.

LTS Awarded GSA Schedule 70 LTS Awarded GSA Schedule 70

Posted in About LTS on 03.01.13

LTS receives GSA Schedule 70 Award to provide Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, Digital Forensic, Cyber Security, Information Governance, and Information Technology consulting services in support of US Government agencies as they ensure the national security of the United States remains protected in this evolving digital era.

E-Discovery Salary Study E-Discovery Salary Study

Posted in About LTS on 02.01.13

A detailed analysis of hiring trends, the ROI of additional education and certifications, and salary averages across the US including a comparison across industry verticals within the eDiscovery industry.

Download our free LTS Jobs App! Download our free LTS Jobs App!

Posted in About LTS on 02.06.13

Download our free LTS Jobs app available on both Apple and Android devices. Receive an automatic alert the moment a new job opens up, and apply to jobs in one tap!

Legal Technology Certification Program Legal Technology Certification Program

Posted in About LTS on 02.13.13

LTS is changing the recruiting landscape with our revolutionary Legal Technology Certification program. Our one-of-a-kind training and certification program combines cutting-edge recruiting principles with an end-to-end instruction on the Legal Technology market delving deep into E-Discovery, Litigation Support, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, and Document Review.

Why is Cyber Security one of the fastest-growing career fields? Why is Cyber Security one of the fastest-growing career fields?

Posted in About LTS on 09.10.13

How can corporations and government agencies manage cyber threats? What makes the cyber threat different from all other security-related concerns? How can organizations in both the private and public sectors craft realistic, practice solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud and industrial espionage?

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Focus Focus

Excellence is in the details.

We are dedicated exclusively to Litigation Support, Electronic Discovery and Legal Technology. We pride ourselves in understanding this explosive industry inside and out. Unlike many watered-down, A-Z agencies that staff everyone from Partners to Receptionists; we know what we are good at and we are 100% focused in this highly specialized industry.

Experience Experience

We know this industry, firsthand.

Our staff is comprised of former Litigation Support Professionals, IT Personnel and HR Managers. EDD consultation, document review, data culling, deduplication, MD5 hashing, SQL scripting — these are not only skills we look for in our candidates; they are also tasks we have once performed. We have been on "the other side of the desk" and understand what separates the good from the great.

Talent Talent

Top talent doesn't always advertise.

The highest caliber of candidates come to us through word-of-mouth recommendations and industry referrals. Unlike many staffing agencies, we do NOT scour job boards for obvious candidates. Instead, we probe deeper and locate individuals not actively on the market: Those who are already "making it happen" at their current company. Many of these individuals work confidentially and exclusively with us.

Certifications Certifications

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